London's biggest Christmas wind orchestra and choir!

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While we perform, we know we create quite a spectacle for the gathered crowds! To join in with the Christmas spirit, we allow charities to organise collections and encourage donations from our audience during our performances.


For 2021, we are still considering how we could work with a charity partner - if you have any ideas, do let us know!


Some past charity collections during our performances have been incredibly successful:


2020: Connecting Stars from Constella Operaballet collected several hundred pounds

2019: Music as Therapy International collected £1318.60

2018: Centrepoint collected £1816.85

2017: Independent Age and the East End Community Foundation shared £676.94

2016: Sarah's Rural Library Fund collected £1500

2015: Hope for Children collected £1301.55

2014: Global's Make Some Noise collected £638.10

2012 and 2013: Clic Sargent collected over £700


Overall, over £8000 has been collected while the Big Christmas Wind Orchestra and Choir performs  - an amazing total!

Charity collections