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Working with Making Music


Making Music are the leading organisation supporting amateur music groups around the UK. We are very excited that they are involved in our event, as they are perfectly placed to help us meet one of our aims: to encourage everyone, and especially those aged under 35, to join local music groups. Read about their recent research into bringing young people into amateur music groups here here.


We're hoping that by creating one-off playing opportunities like BCWO&C, people with limited time available to commit to bands and choirs will be inspired to make some space for music in their busy lives. We're especially keen to inspire young people, who may not have played since school or university, to find ensembles in their communities.


If you are looking to join a local music group, but are unsure where to start, Making Music have developed a great tool to help you - available on their website. Please also let us know if the Big Christmas Wind Orchestra has helped to inspire you to join any or more music groups, and email us if you have any questions about how to find out more.


If you have any thoughts about how we can improve our project and how to engage more people, especially young people under 35, then we'd love to hear about them!