Make More Music

Our events are extra-special one-off experiences, and we know just how many of you enjoy taking part. But what if you could make music like this every week?

Over 22% of our performers only make music in a big group with us once a year, so you're not alone.  But we also know that 79% of those people would like some help to find a group near them to make music with! And we're here to help with that - along with our partner organisations.

We want to encourage everyone to join in and make music all year round - our big events  with low time commitment are designed to kick-start people's engagement with amateur bands, choirs and orchestras around the country.

Our friends at Making Music can help you find a band, choir or orchestra near you if you've been inspired by our Christmas performances - find out more here.

If you sign up to participate with us, and you don't currently make music with another group, we can provide targeted support to help you find a way into regular music making. Simply tick the boxes on the sign up form, and we'll be in touch before and after the events to help you find a way in to Make More Music!