Performer Info

Only if you have signed up in advance using our online form, you can join us at: 

Kings Cross, Granary Square, London N1C 4AB

You can find Granary Square on this map of the Kings Cross estate - its the first and biggest square you reach when walking North from the underground or Kings Cross/St Pancras rail stations, you can't miss it!

Kings Cross is one of the most accessible locations in London to reach by public transport, with excellent rail, underground and bus links. Plan your journey at - the nearest station is Kings Cross St Pancras, which usually has full step-free access to all lines.


12.30pm - register and collect music

1.00 - 2.20pm - performance

2.20 - 2.40pm - break

2.40 - 4.00pm - performance

Performance programme:

Click here to view the setlist of carols and songs that we will be performing

(this setlist will be printed out for you)

We will provide:

 Essential to bring with you:

 Optional to bring with you:

 What happens if it rains?

Since there will be no cover over our performance space, we may have to cancel in severe wet weather.

If this is likely, a warning email will be sent to participants the day before, followed by a final decision message by 9am on the day.

What about Covid-19?

You must not attend if you have any covid-19 symptoms, a positive covid-19 test result, or if you have been told to isolate.

Our primary covid mitigation is that we are completely outside in the open air. This should maximise ventilation.

We encourage you to wear a face covering when in a crowded area (e.g. queueing for music, finding your seat), except while performing.

We also encourage you to take a lateral flow test before attending the event.

Chairs will be laid out with as much distance as possible between them, aiming for 1m+.

Singers should stand in a single line, rather than facing each other or singing directly towards anyone else.

Hand sanitiser will be available when collecting your music pack.

You can view our Covid-19 risk assessment alongside our main event risk assessment.

Sheet music:

We use the "New Christmas Praise" carol books for most of our carols, plus a few extra exciting pieces.

We will provide all of the music for you on the day, but if you'd like to practice the music in advance, the carol books can be purchased from many suppliers.

For example (we don't recommend any supplier over any other):

The few other songs that are not in the New Christmas Praise book sadly cannot be shared with you in advance, for copyright reasons.

Contact us:

For any enquiries, please email us at